Miley Cyrus at VMA: Can twerking be an addiction?

Is dancing taking over our life?  Have you heard whispers that you’re becoming addicted to dance?  Are you afraid that you or a loved one is becoming a dance-aholic?  Take this simple test, or take it on behalf of someone you care about.  However painful it might be, it’s time you faced the truth. Are these questions yes/no for you?

  1. When you are debating whether or not to buy a new article of clothing, a chief factor in the decision is whether or not you can wear it dancing (Yes/No)
  2. You have to explain at least once a week that you missed some over-hyped television program, a business function or social event because it conflicted with dance class(Yes/No)
  3. More than 50% of the t-shirts in your wardrobe are dance-related(yes/no)
  4.  You get information about dancing in the area of your vacation so you pack dance clothing(yes/no)
  5. You listen to dance music at times when you cannot possibly dance(yes/no)


If you have at least three of these correct you are most likely addicted to dancing however, the phenomena of twerking has a new face Miley Cyrus! She has been twerking it up ever since she attended that juicy j concert and was on stage shaking it down. Miley Cyrus at VMA: Can twerking be an addiction? Recently at the 2013 VMA’s she did a bit too much for some fans. She started her performance in a build a bear type outfit then did a duet with Robin Thicke. They performed his summer hit blurred lines, where Miley took off her original attire and was in a tone-matched Bikini top and bottom where the bottom had her bottom cheeks hanging out. Furthermore, in their performance she twerked on Robin Thicke however the married Robin didn’t seem to mind at all. So my questions are…Is twerking really dancing and also is it addictive?!?

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