Shattered Dream: Girls don’t like juicy twerk scholarship!

It has been confirmed that rapper Juicy J is offering a $50,000 scholarship to the winner of a booty shaking contest. But, it looks like the sisters are not too happy with his new Unite a Twerker Fund.Shattered Dream: Girls don’t like juicy twerk scholarship! Seeka the Teacha, head of the Hip Hop Liberation Army along with colleagues Abena Afreeka and Sis Tricey are too pissed off and are calling for a boycott of the rapper’s CD. Appearing on the weekly rap program, “Militant Minded Radio,” they presented a lively discussion on this display of what can be called a byproduct of misogynistic thinking. We ask for your forgiveness in advance as the speaker’s did not identify themselves so we had to play a guessing game. “There’s no honor in getting a scholarship for shaking your behind….I think its degrading,” says one of the women we think may be Seeka The Teacha, a mother. “Why would you want to get a scholarship for that when there are a lot of intelligent women out here who use their brain? Why don’t you give them some money,” she continues, adding that she would never want her daughter doing anything like that. “I know Juicy J is probably sitting back laughing at all the women that’s going to come and shake they ass for this money. It’s all a game,” she continues. “As women, for starters, I believe it is imperative for us to come out in strong opposition to the CD, to the message, and begin to actively get in the ears of our young sisters.

How do you feel is twerking just a part of dancing now. The word twerk is soon to be in oxford dictionary!  Twerking has been around longer than Miley Cyrus’ controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance, but until now it has been considered a slang word. It is defined in the ODO as a “dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.”

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