Texting The New Age Digital Relationship

We often find ourselves drifting into a world that consist of emails, tweets, texting,  FaceTime, Facebook , Instagram, KIK, WhatsApp, InstaDM, etc. So many communication outlets to choose from that doesn’t require direct communication. This new era of relationships has taken the whole meaning of dating to another level. Have you ever found yourself in mid conversation at the dinner table and laughing from an Instagram pic or a tweet that you saw? Talk about disengaged and rude! What is happening?

People no longer feel obligated to hold conversations with people.  We avoid any situation that may require direct communication. Phone calls are now a thing of the past. Our society has become fixated on quick, direct, and straight to the point communication.  Has our society as a whole taken on some form of antisocial disorder. Have we lost our ability to interact on a more interpersonal and intimate level with each other?

I have directly observed on numerous occasions while out to eat… Couples will sit across from one another and surf through their phones throughout the entire dinner…talk about rude!

Once you can admit to experiencing the above… You will then realize how unhealthy a digital relationship can be.


Here is why?

1. When communicating via text words can be misconstrued and/or misinterpreted 2. When we speak the cadence and tone in our voice can change the meaning of a statement.

3. Verbal communication can be comforting because as humans we comprehend better when we listen as oppose to when we read.

For Example: have you ever taken a test and realized that you understood the question better when you heard it aloud as oppose to reading it on your own.


Ways to fix the problem: watch this video below presented by a couple Chris and Kim.


Be sure to check out my book “Am I in a Bad Relationship”  .  Hopefully this book will force you to analyze what type of relationship you are currently in.

Enough Said,


Dr. O


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