Cleveland Kidnapper, Ariel Castro Found Dead

One of the biggest kidnapping stories to hit the news in a very long time is in the news again. At this point everyone is familiar with Ariel Castro. He was sentenced to 1,000 years in prison for kidnapping  and raping three Cleveland, OH women. He was also convicted of murder. At 9;20 pm, authorities found him hanging by a bed sheet in his Orient, Ohio prison cell. He was pronounced dead of an apparent suicide at 10:52 pm, CNN reported.

Death is always sad, but one can’t help but wonder if his victims feel a sense of relief. I mean, this man kidnapped three women and held them captive for ten years. Georgina DeJesus, Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry are aware of his death, but will not be making a statement.

Castro’s family, however have been talking to the media. “It was just shock and part of it was even relief in hopes that now this will just end all of it and that his name will not be out in the spotlight for years and years to come,” Maria Castro-Montes told CNN. “I just hope the victims can move past this now.” She also said that the family had already cut ties with Castro, but still cried when she heard the news.

Castro’s lead attorney, Craig Weintraub feels that more precautions should have been taken to prevent this from happening. “I think it’s so unusual for a prisoner who is in the system for only 30 days to be found dead in a cell,” he told CNN affiliate WKYC. “I was stunned.” Castro’s attorneys requested an evaluation from independent forensic psychologists, but the request was reportedly denied. “Some will see his death as “a happy ending to this story, and a quick ending and justifiable,” Weintraub said. “But we’re in a civilized society and no one should really be celebrating this.”



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