Wife Says She’ll Take Cheating Husband Back for 10,000 Facebook Likes!

Ivan Lewis is one of many men that realized they had a good thing going at home after their cheating ways shimmered down. Now like many men do after the deed is done, he’s remorseful and wants to get back with his wife, Sonya Gore of whom he’s been separated from for two years. But Sonya isn’t going back under any ol’ conditions. According to Bossip, Lewis has to get 10,000 Facebook like before he can come crawling back and even posted a hand written note confessing that he was a rolling stone and even called out the side-chick as ugly!

After venting his feelings a bit and confessing his love for Sonya, Bossip reported that “Lewis re-proposed, apologized for running around with sleazes, and declared that he’s changed his whole life before finally posting a handwritten note admitting the affair, with the caption “Sonya Gore said I got to get 10,000 before she take me back.” ”

Interesting requirement for a relationship. So if he doesn’t get the 10, 000 likes (he currently has over 2,000) will she take back her offer all together or do you think this more like an “A” for effort test? Ms. Sonya, whatever your tactic in involving social media in your relationship, please don’t rush into anything or leave your decision entirely up to Facebook. We know that devout Facebookers take posts quite seriously sometimes but that doesn’t make all of them experts because they give advice.

If you choose to resurrect your relationship, please proceed with CAUTION. Sometimes reconciliation is a good thing and it causes the relationship to grow. If you are with a repeat offender/cheater, you may have to seek happiness somewhere else.  Now, remember what the lonely do at Christmas time, nothing. I am in no  way telling you to tolerate foolishness. Of course, if the credit card has a bunch a charges from your local Marriott Hotel this would be a legitimate suspicion. Of course, if his VISA has a charge to Victoria Secrets and all of your underwear have holes in them you should be concerned.

Readers, overall, do you think social media helps or harms relationships in the long-run?

Dr. O


Picture source: http://cultureslurp.com/how-to-add-facebook-like-button-like-box-for-different-languages/

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