Is your boyfriend married?

He told me he was divorced but they were just separated. He apologized profusely once i found out and explained to me that he was afraid to tell me in the beginning because i never would have gave him a chance. I know for a fact they’re separated his wife knows were dating, I’ve met his kids, and some of his family. I really do love him and i know he’s sorry, but i can’t get over all the promises he made me knowing he couldn’t deliver because he’s married. I’m just not sure what to do… Is your Boyfriend married? Yes, Okay then what more is there to talk about either he will be with you or stay married to her. He can’t have his cake and eat it too! His children will always be his first priority, not you. There are consequences for getting involved with a married person. This man throws you crumbs of love and you lap it up. Did he tell you his wife knows? Just ask yourself, why isn’t he divorced, or at least going through the motions to get a divorce? You have no business meeting his kids until he has gotten a divorce, because they are always going to see you as the reason why their parents are not together anymore.

If you do find yourself in this situation, here are a few points to ponder:

1. Are you truly getting what you want for yourself now?

2. Is your behavior creating undue hardship for anyone else?

3. If nothing changes, are you satisfied with the current status of the relationship?

4. What plans have you two made for the next two to five years?

5. Do you and your boyfriend have the same goals?

6. Do you two share similar strategies for meeting your goals?

7. Are you helping your lover to “keep YOU a secret”?

8. Do you ever go out on a “normal” date with him?

9. Do you ever spend any holidays together?

10. Do you know anyone else in his life?

The list of soul-searching questions is endless. This is just a beginning. The main point is to THINK about what you are doing and why you are doing it. And remember, if he really wants a relationship with you, he will make it happen. So, if you just keep waiting and waiting for him to leave his wife… DON’T!



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