My child is pregnant now what?

Many teens are getting pregnant now a days. MTV even has a hit show surrounding that issue. There are some young teens that even do it to trap their boyfriends! Getting pregnant to keep your man is never, ever, ever a good idea.  If he was on the verge of leaving you before the pregnancy than adding a child into the mix will most likely just prolong his exit. I’ve heard of some pretty interesting to say the least, ways of executing this plan and I’m sure you all have heard a few as well. Turkey basters, plastic bags, “forgetting” to take your birth control, being overly generous with your lady parts,  just use your imagination because I’m sure some of you have heard worse than what I’ve listed. However, my child is pregnant now what? Perhaps the most important thing that you can do at this time is to talk to your child. Communication is essential, not only to find out the facts, but also to establish trust and provide a sense of security.


The hardest decision that your child will have to make is what to do now? What are her options and how will each of these things affect her? At this point, you will need to sit down and calmly discuss the choices that are available to her adoption, abortion, or keeping the baby. It’s important, with a teenage pregnancy, to be supportive but to also prepare them for the harsh dose of reality that they’ve dealt themselves. Discuss their plans for the future and how they attempt to accomplish said goals. While it’s fine to be supportive, also ensure that your child knows that the enormity of what is to come. Discuss, with them, plans for employment and how they intend to support their child. Talk to them about their goals and ideals for the future. Discuss schooling and how much you’re willing and able to help out. Parenting is all about unconditional love and this is something important for you to remember, as well as something important to instill upon your child. We all make mistakes none of us are perfect. What makes us humans so wonderful is that we realize our mistakes and look to improve them.

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