I don’t do oral sex: relationship issues

Oral sex has become that fore play that a lot of single, partnered, or married people live for. The sensation it gives men or women really turns them on. If you’re married to someone, are living with someone or have dated someone anytime this past millennium, it’s probably no surprise to you that what people want more of is oral sex. Fellatio, blow jobs, going downtown, giving head, eating it out! Let’s think about porn where most men and women look to get new positions and moves outside of their own pleasure. In most pornographic movies act 1, scene 1 is blowjob or eating it out.  However, say for instance you get into a new relationship and your partner says NO! I don’t do oral sex: relationship issues. Some of the reasons people dislike receiving oral sex relate to the concerns you’ve raised. Do any of these apply?

  • You were led to believe during your childhood/adolescence (or more recently) that oral sex is wrong
  • You’ve been raised to think of your own genitals as dirty or disgusting
  • In the past a partner has told you that your genitals are unattractive or smelly
  • You don’t recall negative messages about your genitals or oral sex, but you still don’t feel confident about your body
  • You don’t actively dislike oral sex, you just feel it does nothing
  • Your past experiences of oral sex were ones where you felt unable to say what felt good and/or partners were clumsy/boring


The point to be made here is, only do what you feel okay with doing not because you feel you to do it to keep a spark in your relationship. It’s either something that you want to do. Or simply put something that you’re personally just not into.

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