Is morning coffee essential?

Coffee is a billion dollar industry, a commodity second to oil. Over 255 million people drink coffee every day. Some people drink two to three cups of coffee a day, that’s almost half billion cups of coffee drunk every day. The restaurant industry is vying for a market share of this product, and has come up with some pretty creative ad campaigns to turn your attention to their coffee products. The entire focus on coffee for some restaurants is subliminal, but did you notice that Dunkin Donuts now displays a cup of coffee as their logo? McDonald’s advertises the McAfee, not so much their burgers.  Recently a poll of coffee drinkers was conducted to discover why people really drink coffee.


Is morning coffee essential? Organo Gold has done their research on the positive effects of infusing the ganoderma herb in their products. Although the company does not claim that the product heals various illnesses, testimonials by coffee drinkers claim; lowered blood pressure, weight loss, clarity, attacks cancer cells and helps lupus patients (Google ganoderma for a full list of health benefits). Why is it called Organo? You may ask. Well, that’s because the entire product is 100% organic. In today’s world where everything is over processed, it’s important to know the history of a product. This is all natural. Coco Cola like many other acid based drinks are not at all good for you not many coffees are either but this Organo Gold Coffee and Tea is the best because it has the King of herbs Ganoderma, The number one Chinese herb for thousands of years . This delicious instant coffee is available in instant mix packets with different options, depending on how you like your coffee. Black, white, latte or mocha, it’s all here. Gourmet taste has been combined with medicinal knowledge to give the perfect product for one and all. You can purchase from

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