School Has Zero Tolerance for Hugs?

School officials everywhere have been cracking down on all procedures, rules and regulations latly with schools being threatened by terrors such as shootings, sexual harrasment and the lack of academic credibility.the But is the school system becoming some what paranoid in its efforts to maintain a safe environment?

According to The Daily News, Sam McNair, a Georgia senior high school student, was suspended for a year after hugging a teacher at school. McNair claims it was an innocent display of affection that he thought would cheer his teacher up but the school and some witnesses are claiming there was more to the hugthe then mere innocence.

As reported by The Daily News:

McNair walked up behind the unidentified teacher and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, a surveillance video shows. The teen them leaned in and school officials claim he kissed the woman on the neck. The teacher shoved him away with a forearm.

Now we all know there are two sides to every story and McNair says that he never kissed the teacher and that it really was just a hug.

Whether it was an innocent act of affection or not, McNair is now facing a major set-back at a crucial point in his academic career. His suspension puts him behind a year as a senior which could negatively impact his financial outcome as an athlete in persuit of scholarships, the DN reports.

Did the school overreact? Is better to be safe then sorry in this case?

Dr. O.

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