Thinking About Calling a Quits to Your Relationship? Try These as A Last Resort!

You say you’ve had enough. You’re throwing in the towel and not looking back to the failed, dead thing you once called a relationship. I can understand that, with the new year ahead of us and wanting to get a fresh start, leaving all the unwanted baggage behind with the last 365 days. BUT, if you still see a glimmer of hope and feel like you’ve got one last round to fight, then don’t throw in that towel just yet.

If your New Year’s resolution isn’t solely to get a new girlfriend/boyfriend no matter what, then it sounds like you’re still open to reason and this list may be of assistance to you.

In my book, Am I in a Bad Relationship? I offer some remedies for a relationship on the rocks. Here are a few for you and your partner  to try for the remainder of your week.

1. Visit a new restaurant. Brunch at a new restaurant that neither of you have ever visited could be a nice outing to spark new conversation and interests. A new atmosphere could be good for the both of you.

2. Get some cultural experience! Got to an art museum or go see a live rock band or hip hop group at a local music venue. You’d be surprised where one could get inspiration. The mall can be a last resort too.

3. Make a meal yourself. Instead of going out, ordering in or hitting up fast food joints, prepare a five star meal in the comfort of your own home. Make it together or take turns; one partner cooks the other’s favorite meal and then you switch the next night.

These are my own remedies that I’ve found useful among couples but that doesn’t mean they’re the only solutions out there. According to a fellow blogger on Your Tango, there are seven tips to help mend a relationship. Here are a few tips from Dr. Susan Heitler.

As reported by Your Tango:

Eliminate the word “but” when speaking to your partner. Each time you respond with “but…” you are erasing what you just heard, making your partner feel erased, too. Eliminate “not” too: I’m not pleased, I don’t want to, etc…  Instead, use lots of “Yes!”

Focus just on how to add more affection and appreciation into your relationship. Subtract out negatives like criticism, disagreement, blame and complaints.

This is a great time to set the tone for your new year. How you start a thing is most likely how you’ll finish it, so finish this year strong and try one the tips above and get serious about your love resolutions this new year.

Dr. O

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