“He’s All the Man She Needs”…Bobbi Kristina Married Her “Adopted Brother” Nick

Whitney will always love you Bobbi Kristina but the public may not always be so fond of your choices, like you marrying your “play, play” brother Nick Gordon. Many of us have people in our lives that are not blood related family members but nevertheless, they’re still family all the same.  According to NewsOne, Whitney Houston raised Gordon along with Bobbi Kris; an arrangement that began when he was 12 years old, so I’m assuming he and Bobbi Kris pretty much had a brother, sister type relationship. Guess not.

If you remember the short-lived reality show, The Houstons, then you probably remember when Chrissy announced her nuptials on the show but the excitement soon died down since reports surfaced the engagement was off. Apparently the two star crossed lovers had a change of heart and jumped the broom anyway, making the big reveal via, what else, social networking. Their Twitter accounts to be exact.

Tweets from Bobbi Kristina’s Twitter account as News One reported:


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