Woman, Thou Art Losing Your Mind! Bishop T.D Jakes Files Suit Against Alleged Stalker

Preachers, teachers pastors, evangelists and saints of the Most High, please grab hands and join me in rebuking the spirit of the STALKER! Last month we blogged about Pastor Marvin Sapp and his deranged gospel groupie and now come to find out, Bishop T.D. Jakes has supposedly been dealing with the same problem for three years now, only his stalker seems a little more hostile!

According to Star-Telegram, Bishop Jakes has been holding his piece trying to appropriately handle his alleged stalker and former member of the Potter’s House, Karleisha Tarver. Tarver is not only a stalker either, she’s a bold stalker. Star-Telegram reported that she’s trespassed several times on the bishop’s property (his home) and even tried to run-over one of his security guards while there!

Star-Telegram also reported that the alleged stalking has been occurring since 2011, but things escalated just after the new year.

As reported by Star-Telegram:

The court documents indicate that the harassment escalated Jan. 5, when Tarver — wearing a sling on her left arm — tried to approach the altar where Jakes was preaching. Church security officers escorted her out. The church counseling staff also tried to help her and told her that she was “going about things in the wrong way,” the lawsuit says.

She’s also had her membership to the Potter’s House REVOKED! So they put her out the church but apparently she just can’t stay away and the reason isn’t because she needs a little more Jesus!
We’re sure Bishop Jakes is fighting this one in the spirit but we must commend him for taking the proper channels to fight it in the natural too. We hear too often about our men and women of God giving into their temptation and yielding their integrity, so we’re thankful that we’ve  not learned of a scandal between the bishop and the stalker in the mist of this situation.
Is infatuation with your spiritual leaders becoming a bigger problem then we realize? Tell us about it!
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