Are You A Pocket Partner?

Relationships are probably one of the most advice filled, topic targeted and frequently visited facets of life that everyone and we mean everyone, has their two cents to pay on. So what’s two more cents to add to the pot right?

So today, we here at AskDro, want to discuss what we’d like to identify as the “Pocket Partner”. Now before you all start making your own interpretations of what a pocket partner is, here’s our definition. A pocket partner is someone you’ve been consistently seeing in private but have not or don’t necessarily want to be seen with in public. You whip them out when you need them and put them away when you don’t. Meaning they’re close enough for you to have access but at the same time you can put them away when needed, hence the “pocket partner” name.

How do you know if you might be a pocket partner? Well there are number of ways you can fall into this category. For now, let’s all agree that two years is enough time to consider a relationship status as serious. After two years of dating, the two of you should have met each other’s immediate family members (moms, dads sisters and or brothers) at least once. Two years is enough time to have arranged double dates with friends, go to company picnics and incorporate your partner in your regular routines. So basically, after two years of seeing someone, everyone that’s actively apart of your life should know that you have a serious boyfriend/girlfriend.

BUT Wait…

If it’s been two years and your guy or girl has never invited you to church with them, never introduced you to their friends or even more suspicious never introduced you to their family, then maybe the two of you are not as serious as one of you thought.

Self-Check…you could be a pocket partner.

Yes your family could live out of town, state or country but there really is no excuse to not make at the very least ONE trip happen if you’re invested in the relationship. Think about it. How would you feel if you started to realize that beau or boo never wanted to be seen with you in public? They either always want to rendezvous at your house and order in or take you to secluded places that they know the two of you won’t be recognized (i.e. a late night movie, in a dark theater at 11PM on a Tuesday).

We know how you’d feel.

  1. Like he/she was cheating and treating you like the side-piece
  2. Like he/she were ashamed of you
  3. Using you soley for physical satisfaction

None is good and most dont want to be treated as such.

So how will you know if he really loves or is just that into you?

  • After two years, you should know where the relationship is headed, if not FIND OUT.
  • If the subject of meeting his/her family and friends hasn’t come up, hint at it. After two years together, if this is a problem you may not be as serious as you thought.
  • Figure out what YOU want. If the arrangement the two of you have works for the both of you then great. If not, move on. Meet someone new that isn’t afraid to show off the beautiful you.



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