Legally Blind: Pimp Squad Holding it Down

Legendary Donna Goudeau is legally blind and reps pimp squad! Goudeau and two of her friends were indicted on aggravated robbery charges in connection to a robbery at a Port Arthur Hotel which left a 73yr old male stabbed and severely injured.
“I’m legally blind. That’s my story. I’m sticking to it!’ was made in reference to her being accused of driving the getaway car during the crime that her and her friends committed. Wait!? That doesn’t make any since. How are you legally blind but you got caught driving a getaway car.

Headed to the police car; she feels some type of way for being arrested. “I’m from Port Author, Texas and I’m a female!’ (After a reporter called her ‘Sir’)What is the world coming to?

“Momma I love you. P.O.P. Hold it down… Pimp Squad baby FOR LIFE! According to Texas court records, Donna was sentenced to serve eighteen years in 2011. She has fifteen years left to serve and still is locked up in Gatesville, Texas.

Orange suits are the new black.


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