Police vs. Black Men: A New Dilemma

Police vs. Black Men is a new dilemma here in America. The headline in NYC tomorrow will read, “White cop kills Black unarmed man in chokehold and goes free.”  Yes, he had been arrested 30 times, but does that give the cops the right to kill him for selling looses. ( that is single cigarettes) No justice, no peace is what I hear as I listen to those protesting in the streets of grand ole’ NYC tonight.   I don’t think America can stand much more of this social injustice-The killing of unarmed Black Men. From Florida (Trayvon Martin) onward to Ferguson.(Mike Brown) Then from Ohio  (Tamar Rice) to NYC-Staten Island! (Eric Garner) Moreover, Eric Garner has just broke up a fight.   So much for doing your civic duty. They did not even consider the criminal lack of care that the police officers clearly showed. This guy lived in Staten Island and now lives six children for his wife to raise alone. I am surprised that the “grand jury” once again has let another police officer go free. It seems as if “police officers”  can just shoot to kill with no rhyme or reason, a Black Man, in this country. How much longer will Black America tolerate this behavior?  What is the message that is being sent to our young Black Men.  The Attorney General will be reviewing this one! It is apparent that our justice system is broken.  The issues are going to get tougher. I am afraid of what “wars”  may erupt if justice is not eventually served. The police behavior was absurd. This is very different from the Ferguson case.

It appears as if we have turned back the hands of time. I am not sure what is actually going on. I do see a bleak future is some changes are not mad and really soon. When Black America no longer trusts the police as a whole, we could truly be in trouble. I have always thought the police were charged to “protect and serve.” It seems like there has been a twist in the nature of the relationship between the police and Black America.  The passion is strong and the solidarity is great. Black America is here to stay! I am afraid that the tolerance level is now gone. Is it safe for our young children to go to school? Is it safe for our young men to walk to the corner store for candy? Is it safe for us to go top the library? I am sure that the Department of Justice will pursue the issue in New York. There was absolutely no reason for this jury not to find at minimum “probable cause” to go further to trial.

Yes, New York is the heartbeat of America and I am sure the leaders of this nation would not want this city to become marred by this foolishness, called racism.  This city, where Lady Liberty resides, prides itself in being a melting pot for all people or all colors and nationalities. This last event was ridiculous. I know many of you want to talk about black-on-black crime and yes it does exist. However, death by a police officer that has taken a pledge to protect us has a whole different conotation.

This is a sad day in America. The guards are changing. People are afraid and angry as well. We are now blocking traffic and moving in despair. Where is lady justice? Can white police officers just kill unarmed Black Men selling loosies on the the street? How can a Prosecutor investigate his own police force? There will not find fault. It’s like a mother withholding breastmilk from her newborn. It is like a car driving without a gas or electricity. It’s like a church with no organ or piano. It’s like a living being without breath. No of the above mentiones are possible.

Good night but not goodbye


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