Love Yourself First and Foremost

Self-love: Loving Yourself Before You are Able to Love 

Learning to love yourself holistically is essential before being able to love and be love by others. Loving yourself empowers you to be emotionally intelligent, compassionate, forgiving, and confident. It also allows you to develop a sense of how you want to be treated and what standards you have for your life and relationships. Why is Inner bonding key in external bonding? Well simply because people can only know and love you as much as you know and love yourself.


Loving yourself makes you self-aware and emotionally intelligent. When you accept yourself fully, you can clearly assess what you may be feeling, why you are feeling that way, and decide which emotions to act on. Being self-aware assists in knowing how things would make you feel if they were to happen and you are able to proceed accordingly in communicating that. It becomes harder for your circumstances to dictate your reactions if you have a strong relationship with yourself. When you attempt to love someone else, if they are not loving you the way you want to be loved, you will be able to recognize that because you love yourself in a way that you require. It is easy for your partner to understand and love you because you are transparent on you what expect. If they leave, you survive because you will be prepared to embrace the distress.


Self love makes it easier to cope with trauma, anxiety, jealousy, anger, loneliness, and chaos that all result from relationships. When we say relationships, we mean any type of relationship that affects your everyday operations like relationships with your boss, neighbor, family, lover, coworkers, and even pets. Any relationship you have with someone or something can affect your mental stability positively or negatively. Loving yourself allows you to assess  “What is happening that I am not ok with? What changes do I need to make in such relationships?” It is all about being equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs rationally. Self love means cherishing and investing in the contentment of your spirit.


Not loving yourself sufficiently can lead to detriment in your love, work, and home life. You may suffer from depression which has consequences of its own. Most of your relationships will not reach their full potential and your house will never be a home. Ultimately, you will not reach your own full potential as you may be ignoring innate characteristics that need to be cultivated and nourished.


Remember that loving your self is not selfish but more of a means to make you better for those around you. Life can get hard. Our relationship can get harder, but you can handle anything with a deep appreciation for yourself and sound mind. Take steps towards loving yourself by learning about yourself, spending time with yourself, and being open to letting your body feel freely.

I’ve attached a video that I think will teach you the possibilities that come from truly loving yourself.


Healthy mind…healthy body!

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