Donald Trump: Our Next President True or False?!

Donald Trump sharing a few words!


Donald Trump: Slowly but Surely Taking Over the Polls


Well the presidential race is heating up and its looking like Donald Trump may actually have a shot at the title. With only 77 more delegates votes to get, Trump is now the leading republican candidate. Clinton, only needing 90 more, leads the democratic party. Its pretty safe to say the election has come down to just these two!


According to The NY Daily News, in a national poll for likely voters, Trump leads with a vote of 42% leading Clinton by 5%. Another Fox New Poll reports that Clinton is loosing her competitive advantage while Trump is hitting his highest numbers currently in May 2016. In February, Clinton lead by 5% and now Trump leads by 3%. Polls have also revealed voters sentiments on the entire presidential race. Overall, poll participants have general discomfort with both leading parties and feels that the race has becoming more about winning.


This could be largely due to Trumps appeal among men who are the majority of voters. Most women will vote for Clinton, however Trump still has a strong amount of the female vote. In the early stages of the election, we all thought that Trump would never got this far on behalf of his unique and aggressive commentary on the diverse American community. We have seen a significant improvement in Trump’s campaign approach over the past month and we believe he is appealing to the greater population of America. Will Trump really “make America great again?” Because it is looking like he about to be given the opportunity.


Readers it is absoultelu crucial that you vote and encourage those around you to vote. Stay informed and keep track of this historical presidential race so that you may make a well-informed decision when it comes to your vote!


Check out this break down on more recent poll data concerning our presidential candidates at  and .


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