University of Iowa Student Admits to Lying about Racial Attack

University of Iowa Student Lies and Says he was Brutally Attack by Racist White Men!

Did you hear about the young man that was beaten by three men in a racial assault? Well if you did, he was lying! A 19-year old Black student at the University of Iowa, named Marcus Owens, told the police on April 30th that he was brutally beaten by three white men all around the age of 30. Owens claimed as he was walking, he was called the n-word and then immediately attacked. The student suffered from a busted lip, a damaged eye socket, and his front teeth were fractured. Owens released these pictures of himself following his accusation.



Let’s leave what his punishment should be up to the officials. The question is, why would this boy do this? How does he cause injury to himself as bad as breaking his two front teeth?! Some say that he was engaged in several drunken fights all which lead to his injuries. It seems to me that not only was he inadvertently taking advantage existing poor race relations, but also maybe suffering from a mental illness. Though we may never know his motives, his intentions were clear. It shows you that there are some people in the world that will sleep well at night after getting someone wrongly convicted for a crime they didn’t commit. Now if this were the other way around, a white 19-year-old accusing three Black men, do you think there would be a chance to admit to lying?


Sadly, things like this are happening everyday. People are subject to a nation-wide race war and sometimes people are innocent. How can we try and cut back on false accusations that deal with racial attacks?


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