Memorial Day: Cherishing Our Soldiers


Memorial Day !!

Happy Memorial Day readers! Today we want to say thank you to all of those who have served our country in uniform. Our brave, bold, prideful and powerful soldiers, who have made their occupation one of serving people. They are the ones who are willing to fight wars that we are not and because of them, we able to live a free and safe life in this country.war2

Many of us don’t know what it takes to be a soldier or a veteran; both of which are trying tasks. Soldiers endure! They are subject to extreme weather, less than lavish living conditions and lifestyles, strenuous training, isolation from their family, guaranteed danger, and the risk of loosing their life. They are faced with defining choices that affect us all. Can you picture yourself faced with a challenge like deactivating a time bomb to save millions of lives? This is just a small example of what our soldiers face everyday.  Moreover, post-war for soldiers can be hard. Many veterans suffer from PTSD or depression and have to deal issues that result from terrifying images and memories. Some lose their sanity. In addition to negative psychological effects, sometimes veterans don’t receive treatment or the recognition they deserve from their friends, family, community, and more importantly their government. They even experience workers’ discrimination due to presumed physical or mental impairment. war4


Memorial Day is our chance to show our soldiers that we care. Do you have any friends or family that served? If so, do something special for them! After all, we do owe them our lives!


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