Single-life Anxiety: Learning to How to Deal with Loneliness

Single-life Problems!

Living single is not what it used to be! The people in our life and the media make it really hard to be single these days. It seems like every time you visit your social media apps, you see couples on trips, mothers to be, engagements, family photos etc. Commercials on TV and even our favorite shows and movies that deal with love inadvertently toggle with our inner feelings about our own love lives. Let’s not forget having friends that are in serious and progressive relationships who never hesitate to speak on their happiness. These factors, amongst other things psychologically emphasize our relationship status resulting in single-life anxiety. It is even fair to argue that the less you indulge yourself in or around these factors, the less anxiety you will experience from the thought of you being single.

Loneliness and solitude in your love life can be trying and emotionally challenging, but there are ways to see it as a positive and promising opportunity.

  1. Don’t get caught up in the media hype when it comes to what you desire. Some times our favorite past times—Instagram, Facebook, etc.—leave us comparing our lives to those of others. Comparing your love life to those of others is one of the leading causes of single-life anxiety. The comparison doesn’t account for what you truly need for you because every one is different.
  2. Take time to love yourself and learn about yourself. No matter how cliché this sounds, its one of the leading cures of single-life anxiety. The better the relationship you have with yourself, the more immune you become to discontent with your love life.
  3. Figure out what you truly envision for your love life. Sometimes we like the idea of being alone, but its harder to deal with than we thought. Others, truly want someone but don’t even make an effort to go out, date, and try meeting people! Figure out what your loneliness is telling you about what you desperately desire. You may miss your ex, you may miss yourself.
  4. Harvest your patience. Know that your loved-one to be is coming!

Single-life anxiety attacks are REAL! And if you aren’t mentally prepared, you could lose external battles with them everyday! There is no date and time given on when your next love will come, so you have to develop a strong outlook on your “single” status. It’s a time for rebuilding and revamping for the better things to come. Don’t be overwhelmed by the fluid and abundant love around you and be happy for people! The single life is not easy, but the way you see it, makes all the difference!

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