Istanbul Airport Attack Leaves 28 Dead and Over 60 Injured!

Istanbul Airport Attack Leaves 28 Dead and 60 Injured!


Police urgently search the scene.

Three suicide bombers have attacked at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in the fourth terror attack on Turkey this year.                                                                                                     Each bomber detonated themselves causing three separate explosions in difference areas. One bomb was detonated near the entrance of the airport, while another was outside of a terminal. The men all carried automated weapons. Details on gunfire and the location of third bombing are currently surfacing. It has been confirmed as a coordinated attack and several sources say Turkish officials believe ISIS is behind the attack but cannot confirm at this moment.

The US Embassy is proceeding to the scene to account for US citizens that might have been killed in the attacked. All flights between Istanbul and the US have been halted.

With hate swarming the world over beliefs and nationalism, is international travel going to become even more high risk. I mean this is the 11th busiest airports in the world, Europe’s third busiest airport, and an extremely high security location. We have friends and family that are traveling constantly throughout the middle-east. Violence is tearing the world apart. When will the terror stop?

Reportedly 28 have been pronounced dead and 60 injured. We pray for and send our blessings and strength to everyone wrongly affected by this tragedy.  Rest in Peace for those who lost their lives today.


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