Deadly Shooting in Orlando Leaves Over 20 Dead and 42 Injured. Government Suspects Terrorism!

Deadly Shooting In Orlando Leaves 20 Dead and 42 Injured. Government Suspects Terrorists Motives!

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Around 2:00 am, a gunman opened fire outside the the popular gay nightclub named Pulse in Orland, FL before proceeding inside and murdering 20 people. In addition to 20 being killed, over 40 people are being medically treated for major to minor wounds. The police are describing him as “well-organized and prepared”, as he allegedly had a handgun, assault rifle, and some unknown device on his person.

What started off as an exchange of open-fire outside of the club between the shooter and a police offer that was working the club, ended in a brutal hostage situation after the shooter ran into the club. A witness describes hearing gunshots and seeing bodies hit the floor immediately. Another describes finding a back door and running for his life.

While 42 people were transported to the hospital for various injuries, many of those not injured were transported to the to the local police for further eye-witness investigations.

As detectives check the gunman’s background, they are asserting that he could have possibly been spending his spare time “learning Islamic Terrorism.” During a press conference at 7:00 am, the mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer classified the incident an official terrorist attack on the public.  They  are currently investigating whether this a was a domestic or international terror attack and if it had religious motives.

How did this gunman make it all the way inside the facility with these devices and kill so many people at once? What is going on in this world?

This story is beyond heartbreaking. The community will forever be affected by this unfortunate event. We wish closure and spiritual peace for the families of the those whose lives were taken.

The press conference held on this attack can be watched at .

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You may engage in the emotional, nation-wide conversation on this topic by using the hashtag #PrayForOrlando and #DeadlyShootingInOrlando.

Stay tuned as we will provide updates.

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