International Travel: Are You Now Afraid to Travel?

International Travel is still very important to us. Our economy, world affairs and even recreational travel makes this world go around. In light of the recurrent terrorist attacks in airports in 2016, are you now afraid? It appears that terrorism is taking a bloody hold in society. Each day there seems to be another event that the media has to focus on. In an effort to keep us informed, we are almost brain-washed into paralysis.

Travel abroad is important. It is allows us to see the world we live in from different perspectives. Is travel safe? Should we be worried?  Should we surrender our passports? What are the answers to our many fluid questions. No matter how we look at it, the global world still exist and we are a part of it. We can not allow ISIS or other terroristic groups to control our very lives. Many people still move about the world even though, there are risk involved.

What is the difference now in international travel. Here are a few reminders to consider at this time.

-Know where you are going. Stay abreast of current affairs and recent events.

-Sign-Up for U.S. state department alerts. Sometimes, there may be issues that you are not aware of that governmental officials are very well aware.

-Keep your passport current. Don’t be dismayed by what you see in the media.

-Remain vigilant when traveling near and abroad.

-Check airline safety records were needed. It is important to know if an airline has had issues current or in the past.

-Plan your travel and excursions ahead of time. Don’t be too adventurous in other countries and foreign nations.

-Activate the international plan on your phone before leaving the country. Find me Follow me now has a whole different meaning.


I do understand that there is a new world order and terrorism is an almost common occurrence. However, continue to pray, plan and live LIFE to the fullest.

What are you current thoughts on international travel?

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