Baton Rouge Shooting: DrO Shares His Thoughts with The AJC


Baton Rouge Shooting: DrO Shares His Thoughts with The AJC

The AJC interviewed Dr. O along with other professionals on the psychological effects of the recent police violence.

In the interview, Dr. O describes what he has observed as results of the trauma and chaos that our community is experiencing. He explains that more and more people are suffering psychologically due to the recent events as his office has experienced a recent influx of patients. He says his phone is always ringing and he is seeing more of new and old clients.

He asserts that the troubling effects of high-profile violence is two-prong meaning it can be emotional and physical. He said,”the internal aspect of anxiety can be overwhelming.”

The psychological effect he describes can lead to increased anxiety insomnia,migraines, attention-defecit, and body pain. He also exclaims that a large part of his clients that are veterans have increased stress levels.

“It used to be that you had to experience traumatic events,” he said. “Now you can simply observe the trauma and meet one of the criteria required for PTSD… People are becoming more hyper-vigilant daily, including myself.”

The overload of traumatic events leaves people with less time to process the events. People are struggling with simply accepting tragedy and moving on.

It is incredibly important to understand that this war affects those who are not direct victims of the events. If you have any questions about the relevant medical disadvantages, reach out to us here at urge you to read the rest of this helpful article at The AJC asks Dr.O –>


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