Black Men: #1 Endangered Species on White Police Officer’s List

These are some facts that you should know about the results of nation-wide police violence.

  • Over 100 black people were killed in 2015. Of the 100, they were all unarmed.
  • 37% of all unarmed killings in 2015 were black individuals.
  • 136 black people have been killed by the police in 2016 alone.
  • Only 10 cases out of the many reported in 2015 were the police convicted of relevant crimes.
  • Blacks are more killed by police than whites and Hispanics in America.

Rest in Peace to the victims killed by appointed enforcement:

  1. Alton Sterling (07/05/2016) -Murdered while pinned down on ground.

  2. Keith Childress (12/31/2015)- Police thought he had a gun, it turned out to be a cell phone.

  3. Nathaniel Pickett (11/19/2015)- Shot and killed during a physical altercation with a cop.

  4. Michael Lee Marshall (11/11/2015)- Mentally ill man man-handled to unconsciousness, died after days on life support.

  5. Alonzo Smith (11/1/2015)- Died while handcuffed.

  6. Paterson Brown (10/17/2015)- Shot and killed by off-duty cop for joyriding in a police car.

  7. Tyree Crawford (9/1/2015)- Killed by police car.

  8. Freddie Gray (04/12/2015)- Fell into a coma while being transported by police. Died later at a trauma center.

  9. Eric Gardner (07/17/2014)- Killed while secured on ground.

  10. Tamir Rice(11/23/2014)- Shot an killed for having a play airplane.

These are just 10 of the the hundreds of victims that suffered death at the hands of police officers. In all of the above cases, no police officer was convicted of criminal charges.

Looking in the archives, we see that some of these victims died for absolutely no reason. Like Tamir Rice for example, police thought the 12-year-old had a gun. He actually had a toy aircraft. He was shot from a distance, not given the chance to be shown himself as innocent. Further keeping the police from the chance to participate in disarming the suspect.

Tyree Crawford, was hit and killed by a police car. This is known as vehicular homicide that any citizen would have to do time in prison for. These lives were not meant to be taken.

Does the law apply to police officers? 

Is racial impulse something discussed in police training?

When does killing the suspect become necessary?



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