#BlackLivesMatter: Post-Movement Blues/Day 5 of Protest

#BlackLivesMatter and they always will, but what are we really accomplishing with the nightly traffic jams , political temper tantrums and the risk of “summer” dehydration . It’s hot in Atlanta. Yes, I agree that something must be done and change has to come, but is this approach really working? Are any goals being met with the nightly traffic jams? Are we really igniting pressure on the judiciary system or do they see us as having nightly temper tantrums?  Will Kasim Reed come out tonight? Well if you really know Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed, he doesn’t usually take to kindly to being bullied. Well, I guess by now y’all have heard that the Governor Deal is out of the country.

As a psychiatrist here in America, I knew that the anger would soon erupt.  I agree,  we can no longer tolerate the shedding of the sometimes innocent blood of young black males and females. As an African-American male, I understand the anger, superimposed with fear. However, we need to be sure that we send a strong and clear message. Now, I  wholeheartedly agree with the need to be heard, however methodology is everything.  However, didn’t Mayor Reed request input from the leaders of the movement Friday night?

I am not sure, I would support both Chief Turner and Mayor Reed being on-site in any disclosed location at the same time. That could prove vulnerable and after what happened last week in Dallas, we might have to wave this request. Now, you all are getting a lot of media coverage, but are we making any progress. Thanks Andy Young for trying earlier today.

Now, change has to come but Dr.King and our former Civil Rights Leaders usually met, organized and developed “specific” strategy. (boycotts, sit-ins, etc.”) Even with planning there is always the risk of death and further violence. They made a difference because they were very deliberate in their demands and relentless with their “thirst” for  change and equality.  I heard one of the leaders say that they simple want to “spark the next next.” Let’s do it. But let’s come and reason together. By the way, it’s hot and humid you guys take care of yourselves out there. I support the cause but I am now clear on the method.

Recommendations from a Black Psychiatrist

  1. Organize major voter registration drives across the country
  2. Meet with the Elders of the Civil Rights Movement. Guess what many of them are right here in Atlanta. (Andy Young, Rev.Lowery, etc.) I am sure they can give you some good advice.
  3. Read and discover what worked in the past. Of course, it is a new day but really all things come full circle.
  4. Process some of the “anger ” in our race through appropriate workshops and channels. The retaliatory killing could lead us down a slippery slope.
  5. Engage local clergy; Prayer Vigils will definitely work. They are certainly appropriate and a necessary evil in my spiritual and clinical opinion.

Remember change will not come overnight. I heard that Chief Turner and Mayor Reed are there, so maybe hats off but “communication” has to be the key.  Let’s bring attention to “police brutality” but let’s talk, organize and make things happen.

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