Success Blogging 101: How Do I Overcome Procrastination?

Success Blogging 101: Tricks to Overcome Procrastination

Do you find yourself under constant attack from the monster of procrastination? Sometimes we don’t realize how much our productivity is effectively reduced by putting things off to “later.” Have you ever looked back over a week and said, ” I totally didn’t accomplish as much as I could have?” If so then you may want to work on your defensive combat against the enemy of laziness and “later” by understanding what procrastination is and how to overcome distractions.

Procrastination, as I would define it, is the chronic delay of productive output. It is often displayed by comments like “I’ll do it later,” or “It’s not due until next week.” Sometimes you procrastinate because of mental fatigue, the lack of a personal connection with the task, extremely high or low standards, or simply laziness. Truth is, we hardly ever have real reasons when procrastinating.


The effects of procrastination aren’t only reflected in the success of the project, but also take a toll on you as a person, co-worker, or friend. It reduces creativity, testing alternatives, confidence, room for feedback and improvement, as well as growth delivered by the task. The less time you allocate for a task, the less you are able to put into it and get out of it.


We know! It can be hard to get over procrastination. Here are are some ways to overcome it everyday:

  1. Watch motivational videos or speeches. Do things that get you in the mood to get things done!
  2. Prioritize with reason. Knowing what comes first and why is critical in getting tasks done.
  3. Designate a work place and group. Understand where  and with whom you can and can’t get work done.
  4. Group your impulsive distractions. Designate a time that you can afford being distracted and keep your attention divided for only that amount of time. For example, “I will check my Instagram or look away from my computer for 15 minutes at 3pm and 7pm.”
  5. Remain in a constant development and improvement of good habits. Attempting to create a good habit has to be matched with continuous implementation.
  6. Instead of trying to complete everything at once, make a plan to do a little more of it each time.
  7. Remember the quality of past achievements and what was needed to achieve them. 
  8. Envision great results for your task and take action.
  9. Hold yourself accountable!sss

If you suffer from procrastination, it is now time to reach success by improving your focus and productivity. Rather its due to laziness, attention deficit, or simply improper prioritizing, its not too late to get back in the game and get things done!

We challenge you to get 10 things done before the deadline today!

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