Donald Trump Says Women Will Let You Do Anything if You’re a Star!

Donald Trump Says Handfull in New Video!

They’re calling him “Grouper-in-chief.”

Well, I am now certain that I am witnessing one of the most craziest men in the entire world run for President. Yesterday a video from 2005 emerged in which Trump says quite a lot about himself when it comes to women. He makes lewd and vulgar comments promoting adultery and using his fame to make sexual advances against women. He says, ” I tried to f**k’ her, I failed, I’ll admit it, she was married.” He also said he’s attracted like a magnet’ to beautiful women, once he sees them, he just starts “kissing” them. He doesn’t mention if their consent matter

The finisher was when Donald stated on the video, that he would just grab women “by the pu**y.”  He said “You can do anything,”  when you are a star…[him referring to himself.] He also uses the deraugatory words “like a bi**h” and “big phony tits.”

Trump made a statement on the video referring to the conversation as, “lockeroom banter.” Readers we know men like to make sometimes, vicious comments in midst their privacy, but what does this mean for Donald Trump?

It is almost as if Hillary Clinton can sit back and wacth the nomination fall on her shoulders. Trump has disappointed a great amount of his Republican supporters and ultimately will severe ties with his educated supprters. My question is, is this what it takes for people to realize Donald Trump is an unsteady idiot? Are people really shocked that he could say thing like this and remain the Rebulican candidate for Presidency?

We are too world, we are TOO. 


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