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Bipolar Disorder is a very disabling disease. Many patients refuse to get treated. This disorder is very common and many of our friends and relatives are walking around undiagnosed. What is Bipolar Illness? It is a disorder characterized by mood swings and sometimes aberrant behaviors. Two of the more common symptoms that I see are “irritability” and “depression.” Somedays the person can be very nice and collegial. The next day they appear very nasty and difficult to get along with in any setting. They can be very intense supervisors or managers.

What is important with this disease is diagnosis, treatment and services. When should a person be evaluated for depression and or Bipolar illness?  Three quick questions:

  1.  Do they often go off on others for absolutely no reason?
  2. Are they difficult to get along with at times?
  3. Do they often complain of being depressed or having “mood swings.”

If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, you might recommend that your friend or family member be evaluated by a licensed professional. ( You may want to come in for yourself) Be careful with relying upon only the online tests or interviews. Sometimes they can be misleading and there might be other factors that a clinician needs to consider.  Family history, substance abuse and recent psychosocial stressors are very important, also.

What are a few of the  signs and symptoms of Bipolar Illness:


T-Talkativeness (empty ranks, difficult to interrupt)

R-Racing thoughts (one subject after another, without a breath)

H-High Risk Behaviors (Sleeping with the enemy, if you know what I mean)

I-  Decreased need for sleep (2-3 hours at night will due, then they are up and ready to go again)

G-Grandiose Behaviors (“I am the King, I am the Queen.”)

H-Hyper-Involvement in excessive spending sprees and investments

These symptoms may or may not be accompanied by depression. However, irritability is now usually present in many of my first time presenting patients.  They just feel “out-of-control.” They usually are by the time the see me.

Please know that this is a treatable illness and those around you would certainly appreciate you getting the help.

For me information peruse the site or call 404-575-4785.


Thanks for stopping by and remember “tame the monster within!”


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