Michelle Obama Shows her “Black Side” to Heckler

I knew it would happen eventually, and to be honest, I think our First Lady just gave us a little taste of her more stern side. We’ve been waiting for someone to “get got” by her (because she’s had plenty of reasons and opportunities to do so) and even though I can tell she was holding back, I guess this incident will have to do. Clearly a little less mild mannered and cool as oppose to her husband’s method of dealing with “haters”, Michelle Obama had to half way slid her “Black” card out to handle a rowdy heckler at a speech she did a few days ago.

Mrs. Obama didn’t go full fledged hood with a “b**** please” or weave snatching, keeping in mind that she’s still the First Lady who represents a whole country but she did let her heckler know that she doesn’t “play”, as the Black community likes to say.

Michelle was speaking at an event hosted by a lesbian couple in D.C, when a woman interrupted her speech about children, to talk about gay rights and Mrs. Obama wasn’t having it saying “I don’t care what you believe, wait, wait, wait. One of the things I don’t do well is this”, referring to the rude interruption from which she was clearly aggravated by. She then threatened to leave telling the crowd the only had one choice, listen or she’s out. Well said First Lady. They came there to see you, so why stay if someone is being disrespectful when you don’t have to be there in the first place?

Yes, we all know about “Freedom of Speech” but there is also a time and place for everything and I think the heckler got what she deserved even though I know we’re all secretly wishing Michelle had gotten the heckler like she really wanted to. A good ole tell off, but we understand that she has to be professional and in good standing with the public.

Did you like Michelle’s approach for handling the heckler or should she have fully embraced her inner Black woman capabilities?

Dr. O

Picture source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/06/first-lady-heckled-by-gay-rights-advocate-threatens-to-leave-event/

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