Is Bill Cosby Guilty?AskDrO Weighs In

Is Bill Cosby guilty? This is a question that woke me up this morning. I am amazed at the number of  sexual allegations that are now surfacing about this icon in the African-American community. I have to ask the age old question, “Who did Bill piss-off?” It is simply amazing how in a couple of minutes, with the advent of social media, that all of a person’s  previous good work (t.v., movies, boards, etc) can be destroyed and quickly.  However, I am reminded of a very familiar verse of scripture from  the bible, “He who is without sin, let him cast the FIRST stone!” (KJV John 8:6)  With all of the hoop-lah, I am wondering did Bill really have to drug these ladies for the sexual escapades? I am also concerned about the power of “suggestibility.” In the back of my mind , amidst some truth, I am just wondering if we have a couple of band-wagonners and opportunist that are just in for the “ride” and to see how much money they might be able to squander out of the deals.

First off, for the record I must share that these allegations are very serious and I in no way support inappropriate sexual behavior of any kind by any person, rich or famous.  It doesn’t matter if you are a preacher or a pimp. The issue that I am having is why all of a sudden this “modern day lynching?” I am definitely disturbed that just about every other day someone else states that  Bill drugged them and touched them. (to put it gingerly)  I am still  going to allow the wheels of justice to turn but I am sure that many persons have alraedy jumped to the presumption of guilt. I will always wait and never jump to premature judgment because anyone one of us could be next TMZ or Media TakeOUT. We should  allow the facts to line-up and justice to prevail.

My other concern is for Mr.Cosby’s wife and family. His wife has done a lot of excellent work in the community. She is a wonderful lady and you basically only hear  nothing but good things about her. This man, however he may be perceived, is a husband and a father, as well. No bad behavior, if proven, should ever be excused. I am just floored by the number and frequency of the “new” allegations in the past several months. I must add that I am a little  confused by some of them as well. (recurrent sexual abuse of one lady)  It may sound like I support him, not in particular, but I do support hearing both sides of the story. Furthermore, I support what it is right.  If you have ever had a costly lie told on you, you just might be a just a little more sensitive to his current conundrum.


Social Media is a wonderful tool when used appropriately.  However, We have learned to use it for many different purposes including to destroy others. As a blogger. I attempt to educate and communicate good and non-biased ideas. This world and its culture is changing. We want to believe the negative in almost  anything that we hear without cause or facts. Let’s all reserve our conclusions until the system has had the opportunity to prove this main’s guilt or innocence. An no I am not moved by the sheer fact that everyday a new accuser rises up. A liar is simple just that,  a liar.  We Americans also love money and this may prove to be a wonderful opportunity for a few who need their pockets deepened..


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