Domestic Violence 101: When Do I Leave?

Domestic Violence impacts both men and women in today’s society.  The question that many ask, “When do I leave?” The answer is simple, “After the first punch!” Did you know that about 15-20 people per minute are abused? I am sure you didn’t know this fact. Did you also know that some of you reading this post are in a “physically” abusive relationship? The vicious cycles has to stop.

I see patients each week who are victims.  Yes, I also may be faced with perpetrators of acts of violence and aggression, also.  Reports even suggest that as many as 33% of women and 25% of men have possibly been victims of physical abuse by their lover, partner or spouse. Are you a victim? Be careful not to downplay small shoves, pushes and rants. If you are feeling threatened, you may not be safe. I do understand and realize that relationships may be complex, but they should never be deadly.

The early warning signs of a possible perpetrator of abuse are always there:

  • Recurrent previous break-ups in previous relationships
  • Poor communication skills with you early on
  • Early signs of possessiveness and control
  • Anger outbursts over small issues
  • Failure to maintain employment (unemployed)
  • Emotionally labile (crying spells and always frustrated)
  • Disconnected from his/her family and immediate circle of friends
  • Empty and aloof most days
  • Criminal Recidivism

This are the signs of a possible perpetrator of violence. You have to get out as soon as possible. Once there are signs, you should move slowly but quickly away from that situation or relationship. in some instances, you may have to just outright ask. A ginger way of inquiring is, “How did your last relationship end?” Most times if they began to stammer or stutter, there were issues. Don’t be afraid to inquire early and in the beginning. If you are really afraid-contact the authorities. Im some instances you may even have to relocate. Domestic Violence is a very serious issue. The life you save may be your very own.

Look at a what just happened as a product of domestic abuse in Atlanta

 The National Domestic Violence Hotline

1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

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