Letting Go: Easier Said than Done: Dr.O Speaks

Letting Go is not as easy as some may think. Some people tend to say get over him/her. You have tried but it has not happened. The hurt just does not seem to go away. You have tried to block him/her on your cell-phone.  However, the next day you unblocked him/her. Some of you may ask, will I ever get over my ex-lover? The answer is yes, but it may take some time. If you have been intimate it will be more difficult. If you were once in love, it will be even more difficult. Soul ties are real and not easy to break.

What is the beginning of the process:

  1. Make the decision to move-on.
  2. Stop with the sexual rendezvous.
  3. Decrease the phone-calls and contacts .

You are now on your way. Even with this “Letting Go “may ¬†still be difficult. There may be moments when you will almost crave that individual. Stop, drop and roll. Take a deep breath and move slowly away from the phone.

What are the next steps:

  1. Don’t panic spend a few minutes re-grouping.
  2. Read and do some self-evaluation for a few minutes
  3. Evaluate and try to determine what went wrong
  4. Seek professional counseling if needed
  5. Discover if you actually were the problem (too needy, lack of trust, unfaithful, etc.)
  6. Get checked for STDs if cheating was suspected

Getting over a past relationship is more mind over matter. This will be more of a mental challenge than physical. You have to tell yourself that I am more that a “brief hook-up.” You deserve more. You should be tired of calling or testing and getting no answer. Cooking and he/she is a no show. You should be tired of being stood up for the Friday night dates. The next season belongs to you. Take the next couple of months to heal. Regroup, refresh and recalibrate. You will be able to find love and strength on tomorrow.

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