Love Jones: From Boo to Bae a Cautionary Tale

Love can be fun.Love can be sweet. However, moving too fast can dangerous. Nowadays, everybody wants to be in love. Moreover we all desire to be loved. When considering love, enter ye in with caution. As the New Year takes foot hold, consider this post. Will you find true love in 2017? Only you can answer this question. Is it even possible to find love? There is an “affirmative” answer to this question.


  1. First love yourself.
  2. Detox from previous bad relationships
  3. Be comfortable with (self)  periods of silence
  4. Don’t appear too hungry for attention/love
  5. Watch your attitude
  6. Be sure that you are ready for commitment
  7. Stop jumping in and out of relationships
  8. Read more self-help books
  9. Develop your Spirituality
  10. Take a vacation

Now I always use a little humor in my post. The essence of the above list is mostly to prepare you for love. Many people are not ready to move to the next stage-TRUE LOVE. If you are emotionally unbalanced, you will make a terrible spouse, lover or even friend. Most marriages don’t last because pre-marital counseling never occurred. Transparency in the beginning is essential. Moving from boo to bae can be dangerous. No one really wants to be in an abusive relationship, but it happens. What are sone signs that your “love interest” might not be healthy:


  1. Thirsty
  2. Excessive texts and phone-calls throughout the day
  3. Thirsty
  4. Trust Issues early on in the relationship
  5. Thirsty
  6. Paranoid Ideation about everything
  7. Thirsty
  8. Clingy and needy
  9. Thirsty
  10. Mood Swings

If you really like a person, but there are some “bad” warning signs, RUN!  You really can’t change a person. (Even if you are a therapist) No matter how good those short intimate moments maybe. Enter in with caution. I must remind you of this because trouble could be soon down the road. Many people need a course of therapy before a “corrective emotional experience” can occur. I am not saying people can’t change,  I am saying that it takes work.

If you need some work in therapy or have a experienced a bad break-up,  feel free to call me at 404-575-4785 to set up a consultation. Meanwhile peruse the site,, for more hot topics on this issues. Don’t forget to pick-up my book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” There a still  few copies left.LOL

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