New Study Says Ecstasy Use Could Cure Cancer


“I’m going to prescribe you ecstasy with a hint of coke and bowl of marijuana twice daily.”

How would you feel if your doctor gave you this prescription? In a few years it could be, or at least something similar. Some states have already approved the use of medical marijuana for various problems, but recent studies from Birmingham University have shown that the use of ecstasy can treat several forms of cancer.


This ludicrous yet fascinating breakthrough has shown that the drug can help with leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. Researchers say that it could take up to 10 years to make the drug marketable, but the fact that the drug alone can help decrease and dissolve cancer cells is amazing.


Researchers used MDMA, which is found in ecstasy in 2006 to test the drug. However, there are doubts because of the large dosage that was used and its affects on the brain. Researchers from Birmingham and the University of Australia say that they are working on weakening the affect the drugs have on the brain while boosting the cancer solving power in the drug.


Professor John Gordon told BBC News, “The drug attaches itself to the fat in diseased cells, weakening the membrane and making them soapy. The cancer cells are then essentially washed away.”


Would you take drugs like ecstasy and marijuana in order to cure a disease, knowing the risks and consequences of using these drugs?

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