Relationships 101: How to Tell if You are the Other Man/Woman!

Relationships can be fun, interesting, tedious and disappointing. However you slice it,  they usually take a lot of work. This is for the married couples, engaged couples and even those of you who are currently boo’d up.  Smelling her breath, tolerating his athlete’s  feet are just some of the things  you may have to learn how to tolerate. One of the most common questions that I get asked on the blog is,“How can I tell if he or she is cheating?”  I will answer this question, but most of you already know that your spouse and or partner is cheating.

Signs of a Cheating Significant Other

  • MIA especially on Fridays and Saturdays (MIA-Missing-In-Action)
  • Decreased need for intimacy (if you know what I mean-sex holidays)
  • New and strange bedroom appetites (kinky and unusual stuff)
  • Poor or no church attendance (don’t ask me why, just accept the fact)
  •  Loss of appetite
  • Increase “Sensitivity to Criticism” (Everything you speak on is an issue.)
  • Cell-Phone Issues (“I missed your call-again. Something is still wrong with my phone.”)
  • Extended hours at work
  • Sudden closure of FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. (see-and-hear no evil)
  • Request for their spare key back. (I lost my key. I need yours to get another one. Yea Right!)

Now that you have all been thoroughly educated, what next? The action you take certainly depends on wether you are the primary or “other” woman/man. If you are the primary, you must deal with the issue head-on. If your legal spouse is creeping-out on you, a specific plan has to be activated. No sudden moves please!  I would advise sleeping in separate bedrooms and the use of a condom(s) if you have a need for intimacy.

Now y’all know that this is a series and I dare not give out all the answers in this one blog post. You’ll have to subscribe and stay tuned as this topic continues  to heat up-this sizzling summer. Psychiatrist love delving into the psychodynamics of faulty relationships.  Feel free to keep those questions coming and start those forums. I would just request, if you do a video question please remain covered and dressed appropriately.

Now tell me why you think your spouse or partner is cheating? No names please. LOL


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