Kardashian Chronicles: Dynamic Family Frenzies!




Kardashian Klique: Dynamic Family Frenzies


A congrats is in order for the soon to be newest two additions to the infamous family of the Kardashians. Most commonly known as BlacCyna, Angela Kardashian is now engaged to Robert Kardashian Jr. Miss Kardashian has trademarked her new alias giving her rights to the name and the money even before marriage. The second addition is her unborn baby who she has confirm is on the way. As you may know, BlacChyna already has a child by Tyga, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner. With Kylie Jenner being the sister of Robert Kardashian Jr., how does this work out?


Family Dynamicsblacchy


Having a thorough understanding of your family and how it comes to be set up is essential in keeping a sound mind when dealing with unusual relationships. Have you ever found yourself in situations that dealt with un-comforting family ties? Have you had to incorporate your man’s “babymama” into your family as your new sister?


Here are some tips on dealing with surprising changes in your family life:

  • Understand your role in the family and make sure that you are doing that effectively.
  • Understand the roles of others as defined by them.
    • People will ultimately do what they want. You’d be better off letting them do just that. You define your limits based on that.
  • Be active in trying to adapt to the new change.
    • This can be done by reaching out to resolve or clear up misunderstandings.
  • Trust vibes before being resentful. You can be resentful because of how a person came to be in a place in your life, but you guys may actually get along. What if you’re missing out on a great person? (We don’t know if that’s ever the case!)
  • Remain loyal to the ones you love.
    • True family ties should not be disturbed by sudden changes. We encourage you to support your loved ones when they commit to something that means something special to them.

We may not know people’s true intentions when they deal with certain people, and we can all admit the Kardashian frenzy is getting a little twisted.blacchyFamily dynamics contribute to who you are. It is possible to live harmoniously with unwarranted relationships if you are strong minded and knowledgable on what is important.


Hey the entire family tie is increasing their annual income! It works for them!





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