Am I a Sex Addict? Letter from Angry Reader!

Dear Dr.O,

I am writing you out of concern and anger.  My husband thinks that I am a sex addict.  He also had the nerve to mention this issue to my mother-in-law who reads your crazy-ass blogs.  I have read them too and I don’t get it or you!   She called me in to have a discussion.  She informed me that one of your blogs said that sex once a week is sufficient. Your are a damn lie or you have some issues with your own sexuality.   Where did you get this figure from and who made you a sex therapist?  Are you saying that something is wrong with me because I need sex daily?   Where did you get your license from, the grocery store?  Your are crazier than hell! I need these questions answered today!

Mad as Hell,

Mrs.X (Washington, D.C.)

Dear Mrs.X.

First off, I apologize for your level of frustration with sex in your marriage. In a previous blog I did state that on average sex once a week is sufficient. However, relationships differ based on a number of factors. One factors would certainly be partner satisfaction. However, in your case it appears that your husband is somewhat frustrated and or overwhelmed by your need for, what seems excessive, sexual encounters.  I would recommend a face-to-face intervention with a licensed therapist immediately.  I hope this helps!



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