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Dwight Antonio Owens, M.D., is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He completed his early childhood and high school education in the Atlanta Public Schools. Dr. Owens obtained a BS in Biology from Morehouse College and a M.D. from Health Science Center at Syracuse for the Medical Doctorate. After obtaining his M.D. degree he attended Mercer […]

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Media Releases

Dr. O gets a chance to weigh in on USARiseup.com in an arcticle discussing the issues surrounding the impact the recession has had on minority families. Check it out here and let us know what you think! http://www.usariseup.com/eyes-enterprise/recession-creates-role-reversal-tensions-ethnic-minority-families Ask Dr O – Overview

NEW Book Coming Soon: Why Black Men Cry

This up and coming book, writing by an Africa-American male Psychiatrists, makes a  valid attempt to begin discussion and dialogue about some of the most distressing issues now facing young and middle-aged black males in America. Issues such as criminal recidivism, mental illness and of course  murder-by-police officer. Yes, any discussion of these issues will […]