Bride Gets Arrested During Wedding Ceremony

Bride Tammy Lee Hinton

Authorities Followed Tip All The Way To The Altar

Most woman have fairy tale dreams of their wedding day, but one woman’s fantasy turned sour when she was arrested right after exchanging her vows.

From The Daily Mail:

Tammy Lee Hinton, who had just exchanged vows at a Jackson-area church, declined to change clothes before posing for her booking photo.

The blushing 53-year-old bride was wanted on a three-year-old warrant for identity theft; it is believed she attended the wedding reception after a brief jail stint.

Blackman-Leoni Township Public Safety Officer Rick Gillespie said on Monday police believed the woman had moved to Florida, but they got tips that she would be back in town for the wedding.

She was allowed to pose for last minute photographs before she was arrested at City of Zion Ministries at approximately 1pm – just after the ceremony.

Officers gave her the chance to change clothes before she was taken to jail, but she declined, Gillespie said.

‘She was kind of shocked at first because according to her, she had no idea what this was about,’ he added.

Hinton was held for less than 30 minutes before being picked up by her husband, whose name has not yet been released.

She was later freed on bond.

Gillespie said: ‘She was not in jail for more than 15 minutes, maybe a half hour. She was able to bond right out.’

Have you ever been to a wedding that was interrupted by unusual circumstances?


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