Terrence Howard’s Wife Slaps Him With A Restraining Order

Terrence Howard and his wife, Michelle.

Star Ordered To Stay 100 Yards Away From Estranged Wife

Terrence Howard is the latest celebrity to hit the news with a messy divorce.

The Oscar nominated actor has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from his wife.

His wife, Michelle Howard, was granted the stay-away order by Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon when she detailed the abuse starting a few days after their January 2010 marriage.

She filed for divorce a year later.

“Despite my efforts to remove myself physically from (Howard’s) life, his periodic mood swings from anger, threats and violence to statements of love and requests for reconciliation continue and have not subsided,” she wrote.

Howard remains adamant that he’s not abusive and his wife is trying to ruin his name.

“I live in constant fear of Michelle’s endeavors to ruin my reputation; even providing this declaration may well lead to my being subjected to a paparazzi blitz which would not be good for my career,” he said in a statement.

Michelle Howard wrote that Howard has hit her several times and he threatened to throw her from a hotel balcony in South Africa last year. She included a text message she said he sent to her on Thursday in which he begged her not to pursue the divorce and threaten his career, ending the message saying, “I can’t promise how I will respond.”

The restraining order remains in effect until a Jan. 17 court hearing.


It’s always hard to tell who to believe when celebrities are going back and forth in the media. However, I heard reports that Howard also abused his ex-wife.

Only time will tell.

Who’s side are you on?

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