54th Annual Grammy Awards Left Much To Be Desired

The Grammys: Dr. O’s Review

Last night marked the 54th annual Grammy Award Show and the night was full of both pleasant and not-so-pleasant surprises.  It turned out to big show for the network — since everyone wanted to see how the music industry would honor Whitney Houston.

The broadcast attracted a whopping 39 million viewers — its second largest ever — and a 14.1 rating in adults 18-49. The demo showing matches its best performance since 1990 and marks a 41 percent jump over last year.

Last year’s Grammys earned a 10.0 in adults 18-49 and 26.7 million viewers.

Here is Dr. O’s review of the night:

  1. Chris Brown Performance – Now, we first reported to you earlier last week about Brown’s return to the stage since the traumatic incident between he and pop singer Rihanna.  Quite frankly, we were expecting a lot from him on that stage. That performance needed to be a dynamic, once in a lifetime show; a mini-concert if you will!  Instead, we got some poorly played lip-syncing, some colorful steps, and backup dancers dressed like they came from outer space.  What’s the deal, CB?  Granted, you were playing it safe given all of the media attention surrounding the performance but YIKES!  Total let down!!
  2. Whitney Houston Tribute – The princess of R&B music left this world unexpectedly Saturday afternoon, hours before the Grammys.  Show producers were able to get vocal diva Jennifer Hudson to sing Houston’s most memorable song, “I will always love you” and what a wonderful tribute it was!  Through tears, Hudson emotionally depicted the heartache that many fans and musical colleagues are feeling at this time.  We applaud you, Jennifer!

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3. Memoriam missing 2 music greats – Twitter buzzed as fans realized Don Cornelius and Etta James were painfully missing from the memoriam tribute of all the fallen musical contributions.  To their dismay, the Grammy’s offered this explanation via Twitter “Etta James tribute was by Bonnie Raitt & @AliciaKeys at the top of the telecast & @Questlove gave special attn to Don Cornelius.”  Really, Grammys?  Really?…

4. Nikki Minaj Performance – Where do I even begin?  In the first 5 minutes of this performance, it set us back like 15 years.  That was the most morally appalling performance I have ever seen.  In a society that recognizes and adorns religion, the entire scene appeared to be a mockery of the Catholic faith.  How could this have seemed appropriate in the least?! Minaj’s red carpet performance was confusing and quite disrespectful, though I didn’t expect it to carry over to her performance.  Quite frankly, I want answers from Grammy personnel.  When did the Grammy Award Show become a platform for mockery and ridicule?  It seems I missed the memo on that.  Big time, FAIL!

Watch her appearance with the mock Pope below:

Am I alone on this?  Do you agree the Grammy Award Show was a bit of a letdown this year? Weigh in!

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