Do I have Attention Deficit Disorder/ ADD?

A lot of my adult patients have been coming into the office with the complaint of inability to focus and accomplish tasks at work. I decided to provide my readers with this video and then a quick quiz to help each of you ponder weather or not you need to seek professional help.

Check out this video before taking the quiz.

Now let’s take a quick quiz

1.  Do you oftentimes loose your keys or forget where you placed them?

2.  Have you recently been written-up at work because you are having difficulty completing task?

3.  Do you forget to pay bills and as a result  your gas, electric or phone have been cut off, and you had the money?

4.  Do you have problems reading a complete passage ( homework, the bible or the newspaper) and also remembering what you just read?

5.  Have you attempted to bake a cake,  lately and forgot to put the eggs in the cake?

6.  Have you received 2 or more traffic tickets in less than 6 months?

7.  Do you sit in front of the t.v. and just constantly flip through channels?

8.  Do you have problems remembering personal appointments, choir rehearsals, children’s doctor visits or other important events?

If answered YES to more than five(5) of the above questions, you should be evaluated for ADD.

What you should know about this disease is that it is treatable. I would say 98% of my patient’s respond to medication therapy. A few of them may choose only behavioral modifications, but for the most part-medication therapy is the “gold standard of care.“I am not going to mention any particular medications but I will tell you that we have a wide range of choices, both controlled and non-controlled medication choices.

If you are in need of an evaluation, feel free to call my office at (404) 575-4785.  After the appropriate face-to-face testing, we will surely afterwards discuss your options for treatment.

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