Beyonce Gets Schooled! Singer Pursuing GED

It’s never too late to get your education folks.

World-renowned singer Beyonce has finally decided to put a degree behind her name. Flats ain’t the only thing that Beyonce has adopted since the birth of the world’s most famous newborn, Blue Ivy Carter.

A member of Destiny’s Child during her teen years the busy celebrity had no time for school and skipped out on her high school education to nab Grammy’s and Billboard Awards. She was recently spotted at an Adult Alternative Education center in New York City with her laptop and notebook in hand.

Beyonce isn’t alone. 1 out of 4 students – and 40 percent of minorities – still fail to graduate in four years. However, there’s good news on the horizon Between 2002 and 2009, the nation’s graduation rate rose by 3.5 percent, from 72 percent to just over 75 percent, according to the annual Building a Grad Nation report.

Clearly Beyonce has made some excellent decisions in her life and is able to survive without her high school diploma. I think that motherhood forced her to rethink some things and consider setting an example for her young daughter. I’m a strong advocate of education and maybe Beyonce’s recent story can help encourage someone in your life to take the next steps and complete their own education.

The question is – will she stop with a GED or pursue higher education?

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