Is Rihanna Price Gouging?

Rihanna is currently one of the hottest selling and influential artists in pop cultural and the world can’t seem to get enough of her lately with her risky fashion sense and possible re-kindled romantic relationship with ex- boyfriend Chris Brown. With all that being said, Rihanna has certainly earned her spot at the top, but does that mean she should increase the cost of the material her fans crave from her?

As reported from Mercury News:

Rihanna is releasing a $250 version of “Unapologetic,” complete with collectible colored vinyls, a handwritten note from the singer, a 2GB flash drive, a T-shirt, lithographs, an illustration, stickers and a custom View Master with photos of Rihanna’s style throughout the years.

Will the “Rihanna Navy” dish out the big bucks for their musical muse’s new merchandise? It certainly seems like the ultimate fan’s dream.



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