Optimism: Positive Thinking Changes Outcomes

The Power of Optimism

Are you more of a the glass is half empty or the glass is half empty full person? What if we told you being one of the latter, actually makes the glass half full? Optimism, the positive nature of thinking, can change our lives by altering the way we view things, react to things and even treat people. Instead of allowing our experiences to shape the way we see things, we should let the way we see things shape our experiences. Psychologists have shown that people generally underestimate disappointment and overestimate happiness which makes it seem like life caters to the pessimistic mindset. The success lies in having the ability to shift your mindset to reflect the best possible outcomes given the circumstances.

Optimism can serve as a resource in many different psychological areas where pessimism can not. Positive thinking is an active effort to see obstacles as opportunities for growth and improvement. When you are pessimistic, it is less likely for you to learn from adverse situations. You are more prone to low confidence levels, uncertainty, fear, and negative self-talk.  Optimism and positive self-talk are sources of power that leave you prone to success, contentment and confidence. The nature of your mindset determines the strength of your fight. If you believe things are bad, they will be.

We challenge you to 100 days of positive thinking.  Take steps towards thinking positively this weekend while you are faced with personal and external obstacles. Watch inspiring videos! Go see inspiring movies! Get in the groove of living a happy life where you are well aware that trying situations are just temporary. Pessimistic behavior can be either learned or inherited but can easily be broken by taking action. Change your self-talk by telling yourself things like “You can do this, you are strong, the best is yet to come.” Over the next 100 days, take notice to how your positive outlook improves your outcomes and keep us updated!


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