Bridget Shiel: Shot-Up Car of Dead Teen Found

Bridget Shiel Murder Case Update


We promised to keep you updated on the terrifying and sad story of Bridget Shiel.

Currently the police are still heavily investigating the case which seems to keep leading them in circles as they have very little evidence, no leads, and no possible motives for the crime. So far, they collected rare bullets from the victim’s body. Her being nude, she was found with no personal belongings. However, her nails and hair were polish and styled so they believe the girl had a well-kept home. Traffic cameras have footage of the victim’s car with bullet holes in the rear, a couple miles from where she was found. Today the police found her car on Redan Road  at the Crowe’s Plaza in East Atlanta.

Despite the strong lack of evidence, detectives are sure that the park nor the car is the original crime scene confirming the victim’s dead body was dropped off.

I can only imagine what happened to this young girl. Relatives of Shiel claim they were distant and she hadn’t bothered to keep in contact with them recently. It’s crazy how you never know what someone is going through. APD is emphasizing that this is one of their top priorities and they are doing their best to find those responsible for this girl’s death. Wherever they are, they see her pictures circulating the news and they know her car has been found. Hopefully, someone will come forward.Once again, if you have any information on this case, please call your local police department.


Stay tuned on the Bridget Shiel story.



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