I Have A Confession

Do you see the pain in my eyes
That I am camouflaging with my lies
To mask what I am going through
Dealing with depression and not knowing what to do

The anxiety is alarming and so real
And I am overwhelmed with trying to hide how I feel
Trying to act normal when its not true
All the while I am feeling sad and blue

I need to get help and talk to someone
But will they judge me when it all said and done
This fear is so heavy I can hardly breathe
Too much to handle sometimes this Earth I want to leave

The voices in my head are telling me I am pathetic and weak
And I dare not mention this darkness when I speak
Because nobody cares, everybody is going through pain
And talking to someone won’t help you stay sane

But deep down inside I know I am stronger than this
I can’t keep suppressing how I feel because life I will miss
I need to get help, I’m going to ask for it now
Lord please show me the way and tell me how!

Mental Health is defined as a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. Many people don’t take their mental health seriously because they think it’s the norm to feel sadness or anxiety…Everybody is going through something right!?
While it’s true that we all go through trials and tribulations, it is also true that trials and tribulations affects everyone differently. It is very important that we are in tuned to what is going on with us mentally. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED. Do not suffer in silence.

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