Psychology 101: Why Stay in Toxic Relationships?

Psychology 101 would challenge us to first always think about our own “vulnerable” situations. This series will challenge toy to look at you. This will be a series. My first question is , “Why do we stay in toxic relationships?” Many of use will deny the truth but in clinical practice, it is obvious. A lot of people are afraid to move out of comfortable yet toxic situations. Physical abuse, verbal abuse and emotional abuse are common ques to toxicity in a relationship. Is your relationship toxic?

In my practice, I see a lot of these type of relationships. Now, many people will never admit the discomfort, in their relationship,  they will just push through until the end.  So I am sure by now you would like to know why people remain in “toxic relationships.” Will just let me share some common reasons that I think people stay in bad or toxic situations.

Psychology 101 Lesson: The reasons….

  1. Fear of being alone-Many of us can not tolerate a moment to being without a spouse lover or friend.  We feel loss and or desolate.
  2. Financial Dependence-He/she is paying your car note or rent so I have to stay here. The almighty dollar still rules in a lot of situations.
  3. Co-Dependency Issues-Really both of you are needy and the dysfunction is comfortable. Sometimes like-charges attract and it is a bad thing. People with similar issues being attracted to each other.
  4. Low self-esteem– “I’m fat/ugly and no one else really really want me.”  You have failed every diet known to man so you just give-up.
  5. Mental Illness-May people have unresolved issues from childhood and there carry their dysfunction into their relationships. This can be a challenging form of “toxicity.’

Now that I have given you the possible reasons or etiology in Psychology 101, I am sure you have questions. The first being what should I do? The second, how do I get out?

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